Our story

Within the fact pace of our lives, we find it difficult to add foods to our diet that are good for our body and soul, thus neglecting our well being.

In fact, healthy nutrition and pursuing a healthy diet is the key to reach our well being.

As Plentia Superfoods, we aim to enrich our diet routine with small touches.

We started this journey with superfibres. Super fibers enable us to enrich our meals easily in today's conditions where we cannot get enough fibrous foods to our body. 

We hope that we can add value to you and your life with our products that we believe in; We will heal your kitchen, your meals.

Our Values

We always advocate for natural and clean ingredients.

We only bring you the products that we use in our own kitchen. All of our products are natural, additive-free and non-GMO.

We are innovative.

We offer innovative products that will make our lives easier and improve our eating habits in a positive way.

We are inspired by nature.

Sometimes small and effortless touches can create great benefits. We believe in the power of nature and plants. We will continue to discover the super foods in the world and bring them together with you.

Quality is our priority.

By maintaining the highest quality standards in the entire supply chain from end to end, we bring our products to you.


Plentia Superfoods is the initiative of Arosel Gıda, which has been serving the food industry since 1998 with its healthy and natural additives and raw materials widely used in the global market.